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Stickybuns — wife
Prince Fuzzybutt — son
Dingledongle — daughter
The Bubblegum Duchess — daughter
Stinkette — daughter
Jamie Kelly — owner
Mr. Kelly — owner
Mrs. Kelly — owner
Angeline — owner-in-law

School characteristics


Stinker is Jamie's stinky and ugly beagle that likes to fart. In book # 7 (Never Underestimate your Dumbness) Stinker falls in love with Angeline's cute little rescue dog named Stickybuns. Stinker has a revolting chew toy (its original origin is unknown) that he completely adores. Jamie calls this chew toy "Grossnasty". Later Stinker generously gives it to Stinkette, his dogdaughter. Stinker is mentioned frequently in the book series. In book # 2 (My Pants Are Haunted), we find out that Stinker is 20 pounds overweight. In a later book, Stinker and Stickybuns have puppies. Stinker loves hot dogs and Chinese food and hates Mrs.Kelly's cooking. Jamie is sometimes mean to him (For example, in book #2, when Jamie thought Stinker had chewed a hole in her pants, she rubbed his face against a cruel poster and pointed out his obesity to him) but always makes up for it in the end.

In one book, Stinker almost dies. He was not breathing. He was kicked so many times, it started his breathing back and Mr.Kelly dubbed this "maneuver" the Kelly Maneuver. The problem was, Stinker ate an antique bracelet that was Jamie's grandmother's.