Miss Bruntford (or just Bruntford) is the cafeteria monitor of the school. On Jamie's popularity scale, she rates her a one. She has a son named Sebastian. She had a husband who had a well-paying job who passed away, leaving her enough money to stay in their large house.


Jamie describes her as a tall fat woman who gets mad when somebody doesn't eat the meat loaf, since she is the cafeteria monitor. She has thick brown hair and usually wears a green dress.


In Let's Pretend this Never Happened, Angeline threw meatloaf at her (which Jamie took the blame for). In Am I the Princess or the Frog?, she tries the meatloaf, poisoning her and yelling at someone to call 9-1-1.

She then gets a much bigger role in Can Adults Become Human?, as she becomes good friends with Jamie's aunt Carol. When she hears that Miss Anderson likes Assistant Principal Devon and was going to steal his at the party, she and Isabella let out the air in the tire of Miss Anderson's car.

Then in Year 2: The Super-Nice are Super-Annoying, she breaks her leg and shows that she has a son and is a widow. 


She is one of the few minor characters to get big roles and appears in almost all the books.

In "My Pants Are Haunted!", Jamie says she slipped in the lunch room and she looked like an ice skater.

In the books, she is the lunch monitor, while in the movie she is one of the lunch ladies.