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Colette Edit

Colette is one of the main characters in Dear Dumb Diary 6: The Problem With Here Is That Its Where I'm From. Colette is a student from the other school that shares space with Mackerel Middle School for a time, because of a bad stink at the other school. While there, Colette is one of the top candidates from the title of Prettiest, being one of the only contenders next to Angeline and Jamie.

Appearance Edit

Colette is very beautiful, with long black hair almost as shiny as Angeline's, long eyelashes, and perfect skin.

Role Edit

In the book, Colette runs for Prettiest in Mackerel Middle School because at her normal school she is referred to as "Collie", like a dog, and is very alone and unpopular. Nobody pays any attention to her there, so she plants food in her schools air vent, causing a large stink. She decides to change herself and run for Prettiest at Mackerel. Angeline, not wanting to lose her long-held title of Prettiest, graffitis "VOTE JAMIE KELLY FOR PRETTIEST" on the girls bathroom wall, trying to sway votes from Colette to Jamie. This, however, does not work, and Colette wins the elections, but shortly afterwards goes back to her own school, making it all for naught.